America Swings. Naomi Harris

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Naomi Harris's subjects are not the usual perfected androids who populate contemporary erotica, but ordinary people with extraordinary sex lives; this book explores a rarely-seen side of sex in America. This edition is limited to 1,000 numbered copies, signed by both Naomi Harris and Richard Prince. The cover features a four-color, silk screened, 3-dimensional stamped metal reproduction of a classic American motel sign, specially conceived and created for this edition.

Richard Prince discovered Naomi Harris in TASCHEN's The New Erotic Photography and was so intrigued by her photos of American swingers that he tracked down the 34-year-old New Yorker, determined to make her his protégé.

When he discovered TASCHEN had signed her to do America Swings he asked to do an interview with her, where he reveals part of what makes her work so unique: "When I look at one of your swinger photos what I'm looking at is mostly you ‘outside' the picture looking at what you're photographing … half-naked, all naked, taking these photos of next-door neighbors having sex …”

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Наоми Харрис: "свингующая" Америка

Фотограф Наоми Харрис жила в Майами и работала для Miami Herald и New York Times, когда случайно попала на свою первую свингерскую вечеринку. Туда ее привел знакомый, которого она встретила на местном нудистском пляже («я не люблю полосатый загар и купальные костюмы», - сказала она). В первый момент ей не понравился вид плохо одетых гостей, поглощающих жареную говядину в ожидании оргии в задней комнате. В то же время, она была заинтригована…


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